Baby names!!! 😊❀

Natasha β€’ 21, A happy wife, and a proud mommy to Josiah! Life is sweet, and I always try to stay positive! 🌞

So, if we have a baby boy. He will be named after his father.

🍼 Jahmeco Jr.

And if the baby is a girl....

🍼Natalia Amorae (ah-more-ay)

Natalia is Russian for Natasha (which is my name) .. i'm debating on the spelling for the middle name... it doesn't seem cute to me. My middle name is De'Sirae ... so I was just trying to add the Amor (which means love) and add the -ae at the end to just give it's own uniqueness (if that is even a word lol)..

Hmm what do you guys think? I am open to hearing some things!