Hair falling out? Dry skin? Acne? Going to try out a zinc supplement!

My hair has been falling out like crazy and my skin is soooo dry. I noticed that if I get a cut, it takes 5 times as long to heal. Not to meantion acne and more acne. Combine not healing on top of acne and hair loss with 12 week pregnancy bloat and you have a recipe for full blown ninja kick in the confidence. I look like sh*t! So here is the silver lining.... I found several articles that mention zinc as a very common pregnancy deficiency. Symptoms of all of the above plus lowered sex drive and lack of sense of smell (also have noticed that) correlate with a zinc deficiency. Getting a supplement today! My predatal has zinc but only a fraction of the recommended dose when you are pregnant. Wish me luck! I'll update next week. It will take me longer to notice the hair loss.