Rant about future in laws

Ugh I don't know if it's my hormones but my fiances family is killing me. I used to love them but here lately they just seem needy and they don't care how I feel. Example his mom texts me and ask what our plans for the day; I inform her that we have plans either it go out to eat or watch a movie and make dinner at home. And then while we're getting ready his dad calls and tells him to come down their making dinner or doing something that we should come see them. Usually my fiancé is nice enough to tell them no and sometimes he says yes even though we had plans. His response is i just feel like I've been telling my family no a lot lately. It's so annoying to me. It's like my opinion or plans don't matter to both. And when I say something to my fiancé about it he just says their lonely. Which I think is crap cause next lives not only his brother and their kid. But his other brother lives across the street. Ugh so annoying sorry for the rant.