Please help me figure this out. Confused!

Nicole • TTC for 5 years.
This month my fiancé and I have kinda taken a break. I haven't tracked everything and we didn't BD a lot. We kinda just let things happen. We both took fertility supplements and I used preseed when we did Bd. Well I'm 5 days late and I have been having crazy symptoms feeling a lot stronger than my usual AF symptoms. The reason I am so confused is because before marking my period late, BD was not in the green optimal days. Now that it moved back the days, it looks like it could have been optimal days. Ugh confusion! I have no way of knowing if or when ovulation occurred because we were taking a break. I haven't taken a test yet because I don't want to be disappointed. We have been ttc for 5 years. It usually ends in disappointment. Can someone give me any insight? I was nauseated last night but briefly. No food aversion. Just tired, headache, backache. More intense short cramps that only last a few minutes and constipation. BBs have been very sore. More sore than usual but it's happened before rarely. Thanks for any help or info!