Birth control


Ok so a bit about me im 30 when i was 21 i landed myself in an ER because a coworker found me on the floor at work in a ball- the doctor thought my appendix. Turns out i had cysts rupturing. Went to a specialist did exploratory surgery to see if there was damage done to my tubes when ruptured. They cleaned some of the cysts out while they were in there. Tried the ring, lo dose pills, patch i turn into someone i am not. Super short fuse, bitchy, bossy, and tender all the time. Fast forward to this past sept. I was driving felt a sharp pain figured oh its just a cyst ive been dealing with them for 9 years with just ibprofen. Well it kept hurting 4 days later I went to my doctor she told me to go to the ER catscan and 6 hours later i had a cyst the size of my ovary that had ruptured and was leaking. New specialist and first thing he wants to do is put me on birth control even after i explained why i am against it. He explained a pill is supposed to stop my cycle thinking its related to my cysts. I stopped after 6 weeks i was that person i hated being and there was no relief for the cysts or my period.

Anyone else have horrible reactions to birth control?

Btw ive been told itd be a miracle for me to have kids (have had 5 miscarriages) so its not for preventing pregnancies.