childless mother..

My husband and I have been TTC going on 1 year, yes I understand there's women who have been TTC longer and conceived or still are TTC. but I feel broken, not only because I haven't been able to bring forth life, but my heart.. I've never had such a heartache before in my life.. to love and think about this beautiful child I imagine and dream of bringing into this world, I never knew it was possible to love someone that I have never met. I AM A CHILDESS MOTHER. everyone has their calling, I've always believed mine was to be mommy, so why isn't it happening? why are all these beautiful women facing these problems.. while little girls are able to pop them out and hand them off like nothing! (not towards teenage girl's as I am only 20) I get so angry seeing beautiful children pawnd off to family every weekend! what I would do to be sleep deprived and have the constant cry of a little soul in my ear. we have tried everything to conceive naturally. I feel like giving up. is this my karma?