Valentine's Day.. What do I get him???

Emily • 18 years old
Okay so me and my boyfriend gave known each other since freshman year (now a junior), but when we met he had a girlfriend so we just became close friends (which was definitely for the better because here we are now!). But freshman year was tough for me because I was at a new school and I really didn't have any real friends but him all year. That being said, it was also the most stressful year. I feel like our conversations weren't meaningful back then it was just joking around in Biology class making each other laugh. Sophomore year we didn't have any classes together except gym but we never hung out because we each had our own friends to be with and he had a gf (new one). Now we have been dating and February 14th is our 3 months and I don't know what to get him! Yes we were friends before so I feel like I should know him better but I just don't know.. He likes Xbox and lacrosse a lot. Any ideas? I think I am getting him the game Portal but that's not enough and not he slightest bit romantic lol