Just need to talk lol kinda long been TTC for over a year.

Misty • I`m finally a happily married woman and my husband and I are TTC! I have 2 he has 2 and now we are planning ours :)
Good morning everyone. I just needed to let some of this out and trying to give my husbands ears a break lol. We have been TTC since November 2013 when I went of the depo shot. The last few months I finally started using opks praying they would help well this month for the first time I think I finally ovulated. I have had positive opks for the last 8 days. Yes I know ur not suppose to test after positive but I was so excited to finally get positive ones I couldn't help but to continue to test. Now the last two day I'm very tired, weird pains in my breasts, funny feeling in my stomach and morning sickness the last two days have been crazy. I'm really praying his is finally it I just believe in my heart this could really be our month. Wishing all of you lady's baby dust and praying for everyone especially those of us who have been trying for over a year. Baby dust 💨💨✨✨ now to keep busy till the 8th so I don't test early and get discouraged if it's negative.