Is this happening to anyone else? Or am I all alone?

So, I'm 21 my boyfriend and I are TTC. Well, he wants a baby and I just enjoy the amazing sensations that come with unprotected sex. This isn't my first time being in a relationship where my partner wanted a child and I didn't have a particular interest in having one; it's been a month now with alot of unprotected sex and he even talks to his sperm and tell them to "get the job done"lol .. he's asked me whether or not I wanted a baby and I said "yes"...because don't get my wrong I do.. I'd love to have a boy that looks just like him but right now there's so much more I can see us doing.Regardless of me knowing this in the back of my mind, the fact that he's so interested in having a child and wants one with me .. I find myself using this app ... tracking my cycles, calculating my fertile window and trying to mate with him during that time.. Is this happening to anyone too? Or is it just me..