Almost slapped him 😝

My SO was rubbing my upper belly (right under my ribs) because I had a weird belly pain, almost like when I had gall bladder attacks, and he says "I think we need to get you a pregnancy test". Literally, we've maybe had sex maybe 3-4 times all month (and only once during ovulation) due to crazy work schedules. I said that it was too early (af due today) and let it go. Then I asked this morning why he said it and he says "your stomach muscles are harder than normal, your boobs are bigger,'s just a feeling I have". I almost slapped him. He predicted our last child that way too, and was right (obviously), but I REALLY don't want to get my hopes up. Plus if he's right, then he has ruined another chance for me to do some cute thing to say "we're pregnant" because he figured it out first.