Annoyed by across the street neighbors?

So this is probably just me overreacting buuuut I'm 11 weeks pregnant today and the only people who know we're expecting is immediate family so far and my best friends. We've been waiting till were "in the clear" to tell everyone else especially since a few weeks back we had a miscarriage scare that turned out to be a SCH. I was just at our local grocery store and our neighbor from across the street works there. She stops us on our way out and says 'I heard a rumour that you're having a baby'. I denied it because I was shocked but I couldn't help but ask where she heard that. Apparently her son had told her that I got 'knocked up' and that it was on Facebook. Neither my husband nor myself have a Facebook or Instagram so I know that must've been BS. She's not close with any family or friends of mine and barely knows us so I have no idea where her knowing came from. Anyways I was just kind of annoyed because not even family members of mine know and I was hoping to make a special announcement of some sort (this is our first baby and we were trying for about a year). I know she probably was just trying to be nice and say congratulations but it just kind of rubbed me the wrong way... Has anyone had this happen to them? I know I'm overreacting I wasn't rude or anything but like step off.