Frustrated at family and friends

Meagan • Mommy of four 💜
Everyone is different and everyone grieves different too. I just had a miscarriage a weeks ago at 5 weeks pregnant. I have gone to my Dr and got the ok to start trying again as soon as we want. So my Husband and I are planing on starting this cycle. I'm not going to worry about it thus cycle just yet. After I start my next period my Dr gave me Clomid to start. And I plan on getting some opks. I told my sister and my best friend this and they think I should wait. They think I'm rushing things and that I need more time to grieve and heal. I am grieving now, I'm trying to heal. I want to start trying again now. I'm not too worried this cycle but I want to try. I feel I'm ready. I think it is a step towards healing. My sister has never had a miscarriage. After our mom passed she has dropped out of our lives unless she needs something. She has made bad decisions. And my best friend has had a miscarriage. She waited 3 months before trying again. 1. Her Dr told her to wait. 2 she wanted to wait too. I feel I'm ready yet its like anyone I talk to thinks I'm not and I should wait just to be safe... There are no guarantees in life. I believe everything happens for a reason we don't have to like it that's just the way it is. I pray that I never have another miscarriage. But if my Dr says its ok to start trying again and I feel ready. They why can't i ? Why can't people understand that? Sorry for the long rant..