My damn dog

Last night I was asleep when my husband got home from work. Our dog always sleeps on his side of the bed until he gets home. Well I guess he got spooked by him or something because I woke up to him jumping over me, and his hind legs were right on my belly as he pushed off. Dude weighs 80lbs. I'm 13w5d today. So of course it just hurt and was a crappy thing to wake up to but I immediately started bawling because I don't know if that could hurt the baby? Since I can't feel him yet it makes me nervous and we just had our last checkup on Valentine's Day so now we have to wait another 4 weeks until the next one. I googled it and it seems like it's probably fine and obviously I know if I start bleeding or having intense cramping that I need to call my dr asap (and I haven't had any issues yet). But I don't want to be the crazy lady calling my dr now asking what seems to me like a silly question... guess I'm just curious as to whether other mommies had their airheaded dog do the same thing and everything turned out okay?