advice ladies!! HELP!!

I need advice. A good friend of mine is struggling with infertility. She has been trying for three years to get pregnant. Doctors, specialists, shots, you name it. My husband and I got pregnant on the first try. Before I got pregnant we had talked about our plans to have children and she said "well don't get your hopes up too high it's going to be really hard to get pregnant" a month later we had a positive test and at 14 weeks we announced. She never said a word to me. Fast forward to our gender reveal we are having a boy and we are very excited about it. Again not a word. My sister text me this morning and said "hey adalynn just text me and i mentioned you were having a boy. She said she unfollowed you a while ago cause she can't stand to see your baby posts". I'm kind of hurt. She's been my friend since elementary school. What can I say to her? I feel terrible about her situation and I've been there for her through it all! But I can't see myself downplaying my own excitement about my son. Am I being an insensitive bitch?!