ECV today

Tirzah • Mom of 2 toddlers...send help🤣
So, I finally got up to the hospital today to turn the baby. Took a little while to get set up and do the ultrasound (think they were still insanely busy, but after a few people got an earful over the phone from my MIL, they wouldn't postpone it again), draw blood and stuff. The actually turning only took maybe 2 minutes, 2 somewhat ouchy minutes (pretty sure I'm going to have a big bruise), but Roo was transverse so they didn't have to go as far. Think it helped that he tends to sit as far out front as possible so the doctor didn't have to dig into my stomach too far to get a hold of him. They said I did well, whenever I noticed myself tensing up I would breathe and relax. They told me to hold my SO's hand and squeeze, but apparently that isn't natural for me if I'm trying to relax my whole body, he squeezed harder than I did! Roo did fine, never gave us any concerns. Was also interesting that they saw on the monitor that I was having contractions and I only felt 1 after he turned (I had a lot of painful Braxton Hicks this morning, which I attribute to not being allowed to drink anything). We stayed for an hour to make sure he was okay, then another 2, because I had some sort of reaction to my 28 week Rhogam shot, and they wanted the doctor to look over the blood test results before giving me another one (pretty sure that meant CYA on their part, but I am curious), so they finally let me leave without it, but I have to go tomorrow instead. Only got a few crackers, apple juice and milk while I was there (would have taken them up on the offer of a sandwich if I'd known how long it would take), and since that was the only food I'd eaten all day, I wanted to get out of there to scrounge up more. My SO got a few dirty looks from me for complaining he was hungry when he ate both breakfast and lunch in front of I would definitely consider this successful, we'll see if he stays turned, though, going to check at my 38 week appointment on Monday. Hope that makes sense, got so sleepy after finally getting some food in my stomach, can barely keep my eyes open. I would definitely recommend thinking about it if your OB says you're a good candidate for it.