Implantation bleeding at 4dpo?? Help please!!!

Chrissi • 💖💕💖 TTC #2 💖💕💖

Hi ladies! Ok for some background info, I usually have 24 day cycles (with the occasional <5 day variance) and I ovulate 4-5 days after af ends. Well I had af this month from the 3rd-9th and I ovulated on the 14th, so I'm now 4dpo. Well since about 2 dpo I have been having mild period like cramping. This morning at around 7 I woke up feeling like I was about to pee myself. So I went to the bathroom, and tmi but when I wiped there was a lot of stretchy white cm kind of like ewcm but white. No odor no itching no burning. Just cm. Then I really had to pee again at about 11 even though I didn't really drink that much and when I wiped and check again there was slightly stretchy cm faintly tinged with light pink blood throughout it. It was clear after I wiped again and it hasn't come back yet so far. I did however feel my cervix recently and it is soft high open and very wet. I dried up for a few hours after the morning cm but its now back full blown and just slippery watery type and very very abundant. What should I make of all this??? Has anyone else experienced anything like this? Tia!!

(Also idk if this is relevant but I've been very stuffed up today with an itchy throat and dry eyes so I might be getting sick or something. Idk if its something to note or not lol)

Edit: af not due till Feb 27th