scary moment

Samantha • Momma of 2 girls👶🏽👶🏽🎀
I was giving my husband head in the shower so i was on my knees anyways i guess we were so into it i didn't realize how hot the water was & we had sealed the curtins shut so outside air couldn't come in & the door was closed so it was pretty foggy in there when we finished i got up & suddenly felt so tired then i started to feel light headed & almost falling over i sat down on the side of the bathtub still feeling dizzy then i had a overwhelming feeling of needing to poop so i did i was sitting on the toliet trying to control my breathing & calm myself but it still wasnt working so i finished stumbled into the bedroom and sat down with my legs extened and slowly began to feel better. I have no idea what happened i wonder if me being extremely anemic and not have eaten dinner was the cause or simply because there wasnt enough oxygen in the bathroom anyway if anyone could offer any advise pls i would appreciate it i dont want to experience that again. Im laying here now waiting for my baby to move im worried that this could have effected her. 20w6d