she's here!!!!! Bailey Evergreen McGee 6lb 3oz 18in long born at 4:29pm on February 13th

Amanda • Baby number 3
I started getting contractions around 1am... Mark and I waited till 4am to call because they were then about 5min apart. When I went in they checked me and I was 4cm dilated and 90%thinned. They brought me up to my delivery room and broke my water at 10:30 cause I was only 5cm dilated and then I labored till 11:30 with contractions 3min apart lasting for 1min (worst pain of my life 😬) i labored from 1am-11:30 without any pain meds) I asked for the epidural and got it shortly after and then I was able to sleep and breath again! At 12pm I was 6cm at about 2pm I was 8cm and then when they checked me at 3pm I was ready to push! I had the epidural so i couldn't feel my left side-leg or anything so pushing was hard at first. When my doctor got there I pushed through two more contractions and she was out!  It was the best moment of my life!!! When mark went over to her and kissed her she stopped crying and looked up at him. Heart melt!! 
The pain is forgotten when you holding your baby. And recovery is hard... But you just take it one day at a time... One bathroom trip at a time lol 😬 and she's a redhead!!! Never thought in a million years I would have a redhead! I'm SO overjoyed with my little Bailey evergreen!