Co-Workers Jealous of my Maternity Leave

Is anybody else experiencing this?
My co-workers (while outwardly supportive) seem to be jealous of the fact that I will be taking a year for maternity leave.  I live in Canada and am entitled to a year so I am taking it.  If I have any problems or issues with anything that's going on in the office they basically tell me that I have no right to have an opinion because I will be getting a year off (ummm... yes, I do because I have been there 8 years and still work here in case you haven't noticed.  Also I am not taking a year off to sit around and relax.  I will be taking that time to care for my newborn child!)
I feel like the attitude is basically "oh, Jessa can do this extra work.... she gets a year off." They also keep mentioning the fact that I will have to train my replacement like this is some big thing.  Everybody makes a point of saying that nobody else there will cover my job so I will need to train someone new.  Yes,  I know this.  Just hire them and I will train them.  What's the difference, I train everyone else anyway.
Since I cover for 4 of my coworkers when they are on vacation as well they are upset about that too.  The attitude is "I'm not going a year without taking vactation."  I don't know why they bother telling me this as I'm not a manager and nobody will expect them to go a year without vacation.  It's not really my issue.  Just like I have to train someone to cover me they will need to train someone to cover them.  Big freaking deal.
I also have 4 weeks vacation that will expire at the end of 2017 that I want to use before I go out on leave.  If I don't use them I will forfeit them.  My co-workers are of the opinion that since I will have a year "off" I should forfeit the weeks so that I'm not taking days away from someone else.
Sorry,  I just wanted to vent.  This stuff is stressing me out and I know I'm not supposed to stress but I don't think my co-workers are considering that.  Maybe they don't care.  I don't know.  It's depressing.