cancel my baby shower?

My sister and cousin were suppose to plan my baby shower. Only 3 weeks left and nothing is planned and invites havent even been sent out. A lot of my family already said they are not coming-they dont have a reason they just dont think its worth it to drive up 7 hours, even though we planned the date around when it is convenient for them. Whenever my sister and i talk about the baby shower we get into a fight-im the super organized type and the fact that nothing is done yet is irritating me. Whatever i like is being shut down. This is turning into a disaster i feel like. Should give up? Ive been crying so much i wanted this to be special, i never had a special day for me before- i didnt have a anything special for high school or college graduation i didnt have a bridal shower and i only had one special birthday party in all my years. I just feel like no one cares. Im so stressed.