Breastfeeding in public! Have you ever ? Are you comfortable with it?

Jessie 🌛 • Celine 💕❤️

Ive only done it ONCE in the corner of a store but it wasnt obvious at all bc i was too scared. At 7 months EBF , there are times that my baby is hungry and we're out in public but im just too scared to feed her.

But then i see how girls are dressing these days in 'crop tops' as small as bras and shorts that their ass eats up and im just like why am i so scared if they can dress like that and no one tells them anything. I feel like your baby crying and you not being able to calm them down (bc theyre obviously hungry) brings more attention and is more embarrassing than feeding your baby.

Have you ever had anything said to you? What are some comebacks you have lined up 'just in case' lol

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