3 month old naps!

How do I get my little guy to nap? He used to love sleep, and he sleeps a good 8-12 hours at night but since his 3 month growth spurt he will not close his eyes during the day, so by 11 am he's beside himself exhausted, and so am I. Even worse, he's happy to eat and play, but as soon as I try to put him down to nap he screams, and he does constantly until I pick him up to eat or play or walk around again, it's so exhausting I'm in tears 😭 I feel so bad because we're wasting the whole day but I just don't know what to do. I swaddle, rock, swing, bounce, nurse, I use white noise, I put him in a dark quiet room, I sit next to him with my hand on him, I don't know what else to try 😩 on top of this, since he's confused and exhausted he thinks he must be hungry, so he's nursing more often too, he'll fall asleep at the breast, but the second I move he wakes up. I'm trying to get help but hubby and family don't know what to do either, and I just end up taking him. I wouldn't mind him being awake if he wasn't so horribly angry and tired 😔
What else can I do!?