Is it possible to do it alone?


I'm pregnant with my first child. 37weeks and 3 days. She can be born anytime now.

It was no accident, but her father changed his mind when we found out I was pregnant and wanted me to abort. When I refused, he left us. He has been absent the entire pregnancy, but said he'd be here for the birth and would stay and help in the beginning. 2 days ago he told me he changed his plans... he won't be coming back.

His family really liked me and constantly said I was the best thing that ever happened to him. They were excited we were TTC... I contacted them last Summer (when he left us), but they responded that I was solely responsible for my choices... like I made this baby alone? I didn't ask for anything - just if they wanted me to keep them updated. They haven't contacted me or even asked about the baby once. It's their first grandchild! Who does that?

My mother and sisters also promised they would support me in every way. Today I found out I won't be able to rely on them neither... unless it's on their terms - which are unacceptable and include me having to abandon my cats, move back to my parents' house (where I don't even have a bedroom... or a bed), lose my independence and endure all sorts of emotional abuse. My mother is a very unstable and controlling person. She wants to basically raise my child herself and has been berating me to the break of tears every single day. She criticizes everything I do and even the clothes I wear (wearing dark colors while pregnant is unnaceptable apparently). To give you an idea, she thinks I'm ridiculous for not drinking heavy alcohol now and thinks it's ok to smoke in the same room with me and the baby - funny detail: I have a physical aversion to the smell of cigarettes. I'm also a cancer survivor...

If you have told me I'd be in this position a year ago, I wouldn't have believed you. I had my own company, a loving partner and a great life... or so I thought. Now here I am. 32, pregnant, alone and completely lost. I'm scared beyond words.

My question is - I know single parenting is common, but is it possible to be alone in the first few days? I was told I'll definitely need help for at least the first week... but what if I don't have any? Is it doable? As anyone else here been through the same? Any tips?