Kara • Trying for baby #1. Ttc for 1 year.
Me n my fiancé was only able to try 2 times this month... The 15th n the 19th. But I might've ovulated round the 16th. Could I still be pregnant? I'm 4'7. I smoke. My mom has a hard time having girls. Dr don't know y. I had chlamydia before ( it's gone now). My fiancé did too. ( it's also gone). I weigh 85 ibs. I don't eat all that healthy. I take my vitamins sometimes. I track my bbt since the 9th. My periods start usually around the 23rd to the 27th. My avg cycle length is 31 right now. I had watery discharge on the 14th I think. Off n on for a few days before that also I think.