Does a cheater constantly accuse their "so" of cheating?

Bf says he's been cheated on a lot and that I'd better not cheat on him. But he jokes about my "other boyfriend's" all the time and if I get sick and cancel on him or something the next time I see him he's like "so your other bfs more important than me Huh". I sent him a relationship request on fb singe we're eight months but he hid his status on his profile? He's a personal trainer and I know he slept around with a lot of the women he trained. They post on his page all the time about it being so nice to see him or bump into him or whatever. He told me he's past his bar hopping, drunken one night stand ways. I love him but I'm doubting him...any advice please? Am I just a crazy person? I have no idea how to approach this with him because he's very touchy about this stuff.

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