My boyfriend and i have recently become sexually active and he loves it. He's waited a long time and i don't regret accepting his virginity(he didn't lose it, he gave it to me😇). I told him that after a specific mark we could start having sex and every day that we had the opportunity, he'd wear me out😰😷 In the beginning, he wanted to have sex every day and when i told him no he acted like he was hurt(why? my body my choice). He'd try to guilt trip me and it would work. My mom found out we we're intimate and i want to stop so i told him my thought and he shut it down. I told him when i got off of my period we could roll around for the last week and he doesn't even want that! He bought a new box of condoms and said he didn't want to waste them but like, how many times do you think we're going to be in bed?!?!?! He wants 3 more weeks(our schedules don't correlate that well) but I want to quit, now. I'm honestly just tired, what do i do? I told him i was irritated by him and now he access like a dog with his tail between his legs....💣💥💨💫