6 weeks and 3 days (brown discharge)

Melissa • ❤️🤰🏽💄💋
I'm 6 weeks and 3 days today and I went to the restroom during work today and I saw that I had dark brown stain on my pantyliner. I got scared but I tried not to think negatively and when I wiped it was light pink. I didn't have any cramping I was just really gasy and bloated. I had lower back pain but I was working a 8 hour shift and I stand all day so it could have just been that! (It doesn't hurt anymore) I got home and I didn't have anything on my pantyliner anymore but when I wiped it was like a mixture or light pink and light brown. Should I be worried?? I don't have an appoinment until Friday 3/17. I'm just nervous because I had a chemical in October and I'm just paranoid now! 😥