Help a prego feel sexy 😩

Girls I need major help. Since being pregnant I've honestly lost all my confidence. I'm also a stay at home wife so getting ready anymore only happens on occasions. I can't fit into any of my sexy underwear, or normal clothes. I mainly just wear t-shirts now (i need to go maternity clothes shopping but also seem like it's a waste) I haven't took a curling iron or straightener to my hair in 8 months, I'm a just a mess lol. My husband and I have sex once a week if that, because he works 6 days on at a time so he's hardly home and when he can come home during those days he's too tired, on his 3 days off I'm either never in the mood or feeling some type of way. Im losing it, I feel like my husband is getting bored. So please help, what do you do when you feel like this?!! I need to send my husband a sexy picture, but how when you feel and look like a whale?!! I need to do something special in bed, but how when your sex drive is low?!! I'm getting desperate lol