Negative comments about birtg

I am writing to vent I little, and looking for some positive thoughts. I'm quite nervous about the birth process (I am due May 2) but understand that it's normal and are bodies are built to bear children. However to add to my nervousness and anxiety I have people in my life telling me I should get a c-section because my vagina will never be the same again and so on and so on. I just want my baby to get here healthy and happy I would rather do vaginal unless I have to have a C-section. Has anyone else experienced this type on negativity around them? And if so how did you cope? Like I said I'm already nervous about giving birth and to top it off I have to hear comments about my vagina and the horrible things that are going to happen to it. It's really hard ignoring the comments when it's coming from family because I can't just ignore them or never talk to them anymore. Ugh with everything that goes along with being pregnant I didn't need this to add to it :(