4 weeks pregnant after 2 chemical pregnancies

I had 2 chemical pregnancies in October and November last year. Doctor said to wait a cycle then try again. We waited 2 cycles to ensure my body was back to normal. I found out I was pregnant again a few days ago. Which makes me 4 weeks currently. I had some very pale tan coloured discharge mixed in with the white (sorry tmi!) for a couple of days around 3w 4days for 2 days. This made me panic. I am soooo worried I will have another loss, and I can't seem to stop this worrying. With my last 2 chemicals, I had extremely sore breasts, but with this one, they are tender but not as sore as with the 2 chemicals i experienced last year. This has also made me worry insanely. Can anyone advise or give me any suggestions from their experiences or just advice in general would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.