Take Control

Now that I know what I'm having, all this and that.. My boyfriend mom and everybody think they can just control my every move and think I'm going to baby sit 2 bad ass kids every so often. I have a life too and I'm not going to stop my life to babysit.. Yes, I'm pregnant and I can't do some things that I use to do but that don't mean only ask me to stop my life because you need someone to babysit and you can take the girls if I'm not up to it.. Like my boyfriend mom can ask her lazy ass daughter to do things, or to at least watch the girls if I can't seem to do it.  Even tho she has a boyfriend and they go places doesn't mean she can't do something for her mama.. Like fck(excuse my language) but I'm just up thinking, like why you can't ask your daughter to do things? Why you got to ask me to do this and that when your son might want to take me out? Like right now, I want to flip and stop being so nice.. I'm a sweetheart but I be damned once again if I'm being taken advantage of because I'm expecting..
Soo moms I need some help, I really do.. The best solution!