Weight gain

The first 20 weeks of my pregnancy was nothing but morning sickness and up to 17 weeks I lost 18 lbs. I have since gained 14 back. I also have hypothyroidism and went one week without my medication because it took my doctors office a while to have it refilled. I have been eating soup and salad and lemon popsicles for dessert and have gained 4 lbs in 2 days. I'm so glad we have our healthy 🌈 rainbow baby on the way it can just be a little overwhelming to watch the scale spike up so quickly. I'm trying to fight off the negative feelings of my body image while pregnant. Especially since we are bringing a baby girl into the world I don't want to slip into the self criticizing habits. The two pictures below are the difference from 22 weeks to 25 weeks pregnant. I believe all baby bumps are beautiful and should be celebrated big or small. So I'm working on trying to do better about celebrating my own bump.