Vaginas don't smell like flowers!

My boyfriend of almost 1 year has never ate me out. Several months back he brought it up to me that my vag doesn't smell healthy, so he took me to the store and bought me some summer's <a href="">eve</a> products (which was really sweet of him as weird as it is). I've used them, continue to use them, and I know I'm back to normal now. I don't itch and I don't smell bad down there anymore. It smells just how it should: like vagina. Today I told him shouldn't give him blowjobs anymore until he eats me out. I'd like it if he did, but every time I try to get him to, he keeps going back to "the smell" and "he looked it up and it has to do with natural bacteria growing too much". I told him "vaginas should smell like vaginas they're not supposed to smell like flowers or anything like that" and he was like "yes they should!" so I'm not sure what to do. I know I take proper care of myself down there now and I know I don't have any problems anymore. What do you suggest I do?