Down Syndrome Risk %s

Sooo we had our 13 week genetics scan done last week that had the nuchal translucency ultrasound and bloodwork in it. The ultrasound tech said the fluid at the back of baby's neck looked good and they'd call me within 2 weeks to discuss my bloodwork results. 
I got that call today and was told I had a nearly non existent risk for Trisomy 18 but for my age I had an increased risk for Down Syndrome. They said I had a 1 in 63 chance of my baby having it, or 1.58% and proceeded to say it could be a false positive and they'd like to run more bloodwork.
Due to an aggressive and abusive person in my past having Down syndrome, I am sad to say I'm terrified of most people who have it, and I'm terrified that my baby will also have it. As of right now, my husband doesn't want to do the extra bloodwork because even if the results are a true positive, the risk is very small at under 2%.
Could I just get some reassurance or some opinions from you ladies, please?