Please help Idk if I'm just paranoid or really have a problem!

I'm roughly 6 weeks pregnant (im 21, 2nd pregnancy, the first was a miscarriage) I go April 4 to find out for sure how far along I am, I've been having morning sickness all day every day for the past 2 weeks ive barely ate a whole meal in a week just tiny snacks or bites or sips whatever I can hold down at that moment and as that IS concerning me what I'm really here to ask is today at work I started feeling a pain under my left shoulder blade that runs under my left arm and to the front across my ribcage to just under my left breast it feels like i did an intense workout and it kinda takes my breath away if I move my shoulders or upper torso fast or in a weird way, today at work I WAS handing food out the drive thru window so I may have just stretched or pulled a muscle but I'm so worried could it possibly be a sign of ectopic pregnancy? Or am I just freaking out?