if you have acne: JUST WASH YOUR FACE

What's funny is that I've used every single one of these products. I've been on medication for it. Been to a dermatologist, had prescription acne cream. 
But "you just need to use the right products" 
Being on antibiotics, birth control, and using proactive did clear me up for like 6 months and then it stopped working. 
Right now, my saving grace is homemade charcoal/sea salt soap. 👇🏻
I can't give out the recipe because my momma makes this soap and sells it. I'm the reason she started making soap FOR acne. I'd feel really crappy if I just gave that away lol.  People are buying this and it's working for them but I'm not supposed to solicit here. 🙃 My point was that it's super annoying when you have really bad acne and people who generally have clear skin try to tell you how to deal with it like you haven't tried everything.