So I went to the Doctor today to have an ultra sound. During a routine gyn check up my dr thought he felt something while doing the exam. He said it could be fibroids and gave me a brochure  to take home. I did so research and found out that its common and almost never cancerous. So I felt ok about it. Well during the ultra sound today I saw several fibroids on my left ovary (I counted 5 as the tech was measuring them) and when she went to the right ovary I saw she was having an issue locating it and I wasnt seeing anything. It just wasnt looking like the left side. She then said she wanted to try to look from the outside because she cant find it. She put the jell on my stomach and began to search but still nothing, so she tried one more time from inside. She was moving the wand around and finally she started to take measurments, but I wasnt seeing anything. I asked her was there a problem and she said "no, im just trying make sure What I see is what I see". That worried me a bit! 
So as I entered the dr's office and we sat down I tried to read his body language and the vibe was a bit off. He then began to explain everything.  I have several fibroids on my left ovary between the sizes 1 and 1 1/2 cm. Hes not too sure of the location of them. The right ovary is completely covered by a mass and its about 6 cm. He gave me 3 options 1. Have an MRI to get a better image 2. Surgery to just go ahead and remove the mass and take a look to see the positions of the fibroids on the left side. And 3. Surgery/remove mass/remove fibroids. 
Now my concern isnt the fibroids its the mass. And also inject blue liquid in my tubes to makes sure theres no blockage.  Ive never had surgery before and put to sleep so im really afraid. Ive never been pregnant before so this was my reason for seeing a specialist. I was diagnosed years ago with PCOS so I figured that was the reason for me not getting pregnant, I wasn't expecting this. I feel like this is taking me 100 steps back. My fiance's mother says to me "oh I had the samething and had to have a hysterectomy at 25". Like REALLY!! I didnt want to hear that!! Why do people always put fear into person instead of comforting them? I wanted to keep this to myself but when the doctor dropped the S bomb on me, I just needed support and someone to talk to. 
Well anyway after talking to my mom and fiance about it im going to just do the surgery, Im just diapoointed and afraid.  
Are there any woman out there that has a success story? 
P.s. Please excuse me if It seems like im rambling and for typos, my thoughts are all over the place at the moment.