Need advice

Hey guys. I just wanted to know if any of y'all have gone through a similar situation with one of your kids. My brother is 9 years old. We (my mom and I) have been having trouble with him. He doesn't seem to pay attention in school or at home. He was doing good last year he had good grades. He has always gotten notes sent home about talking too much and not paying attention. This year he started to fail his classes and they give him projects from school to do in like 2 or 3 weeks but he won't tell anyone about it til like a day or 2 before they are due. We tried grounding him with no tv or no going to his friends but he doesn't care too much. He also has a really bad temper. He yells about everything and he cries about everything. My mom isn't sure what to do anymore she told his school counselor and all she said was that he needs to get punished at home. She asked me but my baby is only 5 months so I can't really help her out. Just wanted some advice if maybe any of you guys have been through something like this. Maybe some ways that work for you with disciplining your kids. Thanks.