First time Mommy!! Ob or Mid-wife?

I'm only 9 weeks! I know nothing about all of this & I don't really have a lot of people to ask so I'm hoping you all will be my saving grace. I have my first appointment this Thursday with an Ob, however I am wanting to use the newly built "birthing center" at my local hospital. That is where more natural births take place. They have a big bed, more hidden medical equipment, a bath, just different methods that I would rather be interested in. I just have a few questions, if I would need a C-section would I be able to get one still even though I'm at the birthing center, and I have a mid-wife who can't perform that? What are the risks of going with a midwife? I just want to have a stress free birth, and the rooms/methods are calming, and more my speed compared to my personality. If I choose a midwife will I still get ultrasounds, and adequate prenatal care? Or do I have an Ob, and a midwife? When can I switch to a midwife? Help everything! Thank you for any support I really appreciate it! Also your experiences with midwives?!
Edit* (The birthing center is in the hospital)