LGBT couples?

Any other same sex/LGBT couples? It seems every time I post about my fiancé and I, I never get any comments or anything. I would love to find others like us going through the same journey. Please no rude comments because trust me I can be mean too! 
Here's a little of my back story. 
I've always wanted kids. It's been my dream really. My fiancé and I had been best friends for years. Finally after 7 years of friendship we ended up together and in love. Knowing we both wanted kids we started our journey pretty early because obviously being in a same sex relationship we can't just get pregnant. After a year of trying we finally found out I wasn't ovulating and needed to start on Clomid. We never thought it would work right away in the first cycle of being on Clomid but it did! We also used my fiances egg and we are now 11 weeks pregnant! Nothing in this world could ever explain how excited we are! Our baby is due on Halloween and just 2 months later we will be getting married. I love my fairy tale❤️