After birth... questions!!

Chloe 💖
Okay so now that quite a few of you have had your babies on this group, I was wondering if you'd be able to give us some insight into what happens AFTER the birth. I feel it's not really spoken about and I have so many questions. They may sound silly to some but I'm a ftm and I these are things I (and I'm sure others) are thinking about. Like for example; what was the placenta delivery like for you? How long roughly did it take? Was it painful? How long were you left before you were 'cleaned up'? Can you get showered straight away or do you have to wait? What checks are done on you? And what checks are done on the baby? 
And before anyone asks, these are questions that I'm hoping to ask my midwife at my next appointment! And obviously this applies to those who had a vaginal delivery. Thanks in advance 😊