Husband frustrated with me over baby shower... need advice.

Hi mommas, well first of all let me say I have a very loving and supportive husband, he is honestly everything I ever wanted and more. Last year we suffered from 2 miscarriages, one at 10 weeks and the other at 7 weeks. We are now 22 weeks pregnant with a baby girl and we could not be happier. I am however considered high risk, I have high blood pressure and my sugar has been a little higher than what it should (still not diabetic though) I have been able to maintain both on track but there is still a chance of things getting out of control. With all the stories and things I've read about I am terrified that I will lose my baby girl (also just had a cousin have a stillborn at 23 weeks). Anyway to the baby shower, my family and his are huge at having baby showers, they have been wanting to host not only 1 but 2 for us, my husband feels we should because he sees it as the first chance to celebrate our baby girl I would prefer to wait and make sure she comes, so have a welcome home. Since this is not common in our families he doesn't want one, he won't push me to have one but you can tell he is bummed. Should I just go along with it and have one for my hubby? Am I being immature? Or should I stand my ground? TIA