how do you cope??

How have you girls coped, finding out you're pregnant and your partner not wanting to keep it? It was a surprise pregnancy, I was on the pill and we've known for the past 4 days about the pregnancy. I'm current 5/6 weeks and my partner is adamant that I abort. I've had one before, 3 years ago and I just can't go through that again so I've decided myself that I want to keep the baby but my partner just won't let up that he doesn't want a kid, we aren't ready, he doesn't want his life to end because of it. He keeps saying he doesn't want to put me through what I went through again but at the same time he doesn't want a kid. I've made my decision though and I just can't let this baby go. I know that I can do it by myself and I'm fully prepared to do it myself but when I tell him that he turns around and uses that against me saying I'm not thinking of him or the baby. He believes that our lives are so shit that the baby will have an awful life and that we will most likely not last because of the stress of a child; yet at the same time we both have jobs (I have 2, interview for 3rd tomorrow!) we have money, we have support from our families, we have a home, 2 cars and we don't struggle with bills.  I know I'm mentally prepared for this child. I'm just struggling with how hostile he is about it and how he can't see it any other way other than not having it. I need help!! 😩😩😩