I'm lost.... help 😔

Please no rude comments... I'm already very hurt. (Long story) 
I was in a relationship for 4 years... we wanted a baby so in those 4 years we only used protection ONCE. Nothing ever happened, I went to the Dr and found out I was hypothyroid. Eventually I'm glad I didn't end up pregnant by him because we broke apart... he was my first sexual partner. After him I met someone and had unprotected sex with him... again... NOTHING. Nov of last year (16') I met someone else we've been talking since but never had sexual intercourse till March 27, 17... it was a quicky literally lasted like 10 min in his car 😐 BOOM 5 weeks later after a week of a missed period i took a pregnancy test and there it was the Double Line... 
He has a 4 year old and states he is not ready for another... he wants me to have an abortion! I do not want my child to grow up without a father but to me this is a miracle baby... idk what to think. I'm losing my mind... 😞