How I Got My BFP!

Adria • 🦋 27. Married. Mother of 3 boys✨ 10.22.15 - 05.01.17 - 01.13.20
After 11 cycles of TTC since my MC, I finally got pregnant! Yay! But what I did differently during this cycle is that I STOPPED taking FertilAid and STARTED taking Maca Root & Cassava Root! I'm no expert but cmon, 11 cycles with BFNs and then a BFP once I started taking these?! Deff worth a shot! I've also been taking a prenatal since forever, and using PreSeed! It might sound crazy but it's worth a try, especially since it seemed to help me. I know everyone's different, and it could totally be a coincidence, but I know plenty of women on here who are willing to try anything and everything so I figured I'd chime in with what I thought helped me! GOODLUCK LADIES & TONS OF BABYDUST👶✨🙏 I hope this helped! 
PS: Maca Root, Cassava Root, and PreSeed can all be purchased on Amazon, that's where I purchased from!