💔 👣

I miscarried last month at 9 weeks, and today I should have been 12 weeks, when I should have had my scan.. It's so hard thinking about what could have been! 
I've been fairly positive about it all and know our time will eventually come, but it was my first pregnancy and it just breaks my heart!! I didn't realise how much comfort I would have reading all of your stories on here and you have all given me so much support I just want to thank you!!! Even though we are just sharing stories and asking questions, we don't realise the impact we have on everyone else.. Knowing someone has gone through the same thing can be reassuring or even asking questions we were afraid to ask but still finding out the answer!! 
We will all get our rainbow babies one day!!! Sending baby dust to you all and again a BIG THANK YOU!!!!! 💕