Military and ttc

Is anyone else or their SO in the military? My husband is in and I swear the army is purposely sabotaging our chances! Jk but it does seem that way. Doctors don't want to help and are so slow to put referrals in. We've been waiting almost a year now for a analysis approval from my husband's doctor.... And his unit has had field exercises during my ovulating window for the last three months. Sometime in the next 8 months he will go on two month long training missions and then deploy next year for a year. They didn't joke when they said if the army wanted soldiers to have a family they would assign one. Its sooooo frustrating! I feel like everything is against us having kids. End rant.

Ok so anyone else dealing with added complications thanks to the military?

A little about our journey....

Nov 18 2012 got engaged and started ttc with knowledge that he was joining the army soon

May 11 2013 Married

June 25 2013 early miscarriage

August 25 2013 SO left for basic

September 10 2013 early miscarriage

November 8 2013 SO went to AIT were I visited during fertile times

April 2 2014 we moved to FDS

April 8 2014 early miscarriage

June 26 2014 finally got a doctor appointment on post. very frustrated with the doctor. Nothing could be done without an analysis.

July 2014 SO saw dr to put in referral

Dec 2014 SO saw dr to put in referral again

January 6 2015 pap. Came back fine. Still doing nothing for us....

February 2015 I switched doctor's.

March 20 2015 will be first appointment with my new doctor.