Well, my good friends gf hates me.

I've these people for 4 years, his gf has depression and has been chrated on before, and he's always bitching about her bitching about me being around. Understandable. I get it. And I am 110% VERY uninterested in my friend in anyway other than just being a friend. This has the entire time, and his gf and me don't talk much, really its my friend whos so extroverted. He also goes through these idiot periods where he thinks ragging on my husband and telling me what HED do is a good thing to say. Usually in a very flirtatious way. I ignore him and move on. I haven't told her this because I dont want to upset her anf its nothing I cant blow off. Finally he was telling me she slept on the couch last night because I was texting him [[about when our next cinima night was, we all watch movies together]]. I thought it was stupid and texted her, telling her I'm not interested in him, sent copies of the texts, and I would tell her if he did somthing stupid. Well her phone was in the bedroom with him and he read the texts then got all sappy and annyoing, saying he was bothering me with his friendship and crap. Seriously?? Idk what to do at this point. I'm gettinf pretty fed up with his crap. Its just that this group of friends is very tight nit and I want to be a part of that, but all the meet ups and parties are at his house. We would just have them somewhere else, but he's in the middle of where everyone lives. Some of us are hours away. What do I do?? I've stopped texting them pretty much.

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