Puberty already??? -Concerned Mom

Kristen • Married.. We have a 7 year old daughter and TTC!
My daughter is 7 and had said her 'front hurt' last night so she showed me and it was slightly red, we put hydrocortisone cream and it was fine by morning. What ALARMED me was when she went to show me ... she opened her front and there were two very obvious hairs!!! I was in shock but did not say anything out loud. ..after researching numerous educational sites I have found 7 is the earliest age, but normal for girls to start showing the first signs of puberty!! (small amount of breast growth and/or pubic hair) .. girls can start puberty at a much younger age than boys, especially girls in the higher percentile of growth (which she is, she is the tallest girl in her first grade class) ....I just can't believe this. What about other moms? Have you gone through this? Do you think I should be more/less concerned? 😣 I'm not ready for this!!