Stressing out! Don't know what to do!

I'm 24 weeks pregnant. I found out I was pregnant back in October shortly after my SO was murdered. I then had to move an hour away from where we lived to be with his distant family members. As a result of moving that far, I had to quit my job because it was so far to commute via bus line that I kept being late for work since the earliest bus didn't run till 5:00am. So I was out of a job all of November and I am renting out a room from my SO distant family members house for $200 a month. I got a job in November at a local grocery store part time making $7.30 a hr and I can't even afford my rent. So I'm behind on my by $360 for the past few months. His mom keeps stressing how I need to pay her but can't help me. My mom can't help me because she's tryna get us an apartment. His family gave me a car so idk if I just should go back to my call center job even though it's an hour away I get paid $720 every two weeks. What should I do?